Returns and warranties

Returns and warranties at Maison de la Course

We are with you since 2012 to help you succeed in your projects. Sometimes, a product may
have an abnormal failure that requires  multiple mesures. When this is the case, we are always
happy to help you. However sometimes, , this is  impossible.

Here are some basic rules to understand: First and foremost, we are an environmentally
conscious company. We believe that a product that can be repaired should not end up in the
garbage. We will choose to repair the product at our own expense if there is a possibility to
make it functional again.

All requests must meet these criteria’s to be evaluated by our team:
1. The product must have been purchased no later than six months prior to the service request
2. The product has not been sold in liquidation at 50% or more.
3.  We require proof of purchase from Maison de la Course for all warranty claims.

Situations that invalidate the warranty
1. If you consciously purchased a product that did not suit you or was not the right size, this
invalidates the warranty.
2.The product was used for a purpose for which it was not designed.
For instance, a running shoe that has been used to play soccer, or for other sports other than
running will not be guaranteed.

GPS Watches: • If it is a Garmin or Polar GPS watch, the service is offered by us within the first 30 days
of your purchase, and thereafter, it is offered only by the manufacturers at their request. Here are the
coordinates of the two service centers:

• Polar Electro Canada • Address: 2350 46th Avenue, Lachine,
Qc, H8T 2P3 • Telephone: 514-636-3302 or 1-888-918-5043

Garmin – Raytech Electronics Inc. •Address: 1451 boul. des Laurentides, Vimont, Laval, Qc, H7M 2Y3 • Telephone: 450-975-1171 ext. 710
• Email:

To apply for a Maison de la Course warranty service:

• Please download the form at the very bottom of this page
• Describe the whole situation. We want to know about the use, the wear, if there is discomfort, the date
of purchase, etc. In fact, any information that enables us to properly assess the admissibility of the
request should be transmitted. Be clear in your information, it will greatly help us to help you.
• Send clear pictures of the product from all angles so that we can understand the situation correctly. We
will rely on these photos to validate whether the warranty is applicable or not.
• Send the completed form in PDF format. We will get back to you with an answer within five business
days. Make sure it is complete otherwise it could increase processing times.

Click to download the form Service request.

Please send the form and photos to the following email address:



524, boul.  Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier
J3H 4X6 | Tél : 450-467-0004

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234, rue St-Charles
J7E 2B4 | Tél : 450-951-6352

Lundi : Closed
Mardi : 10h – 17h30
Mercredi : 10h – 17h30
Jeudi : 10h – 17h30
Vendredi : 10h – 17h30
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